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Covid-19 Service Update

Covid-19 has impacted all industries on a global scale. The research industry is no different. Milicante Consulting has developed a Covid-19 safe plan which we implement at all times during the pandemic.

Key features of our Covid-19 safe plan include:

  • All Milicante Consulting head office staff will work remotely as advised by the Victorian Chief Health Officer;

  • Fieldwork interviewers may be required to undertake a Covid-19 test prior to the commencement of data collection projects and may be subjected to periodic Covid-19 tests to proactively ensure their safety and the safety of all respondents. This is determined based on the advice of the state Chief Medical Health Officer;

  • Interviewers will not work if they have any related Covid-19 symptoms and asked to undertake a Covid-19 test should they exhibit any such symptoms;

  • Any staff member who may test positive to Covid-19, will be asked to follow the advice of the state Chief Medical Health Officer prior to returning back to work. This will include ensuring that they have tested negative to Covid-19 in subsequent tests in due course;

  • Interviewers are temperature checked prior to each shift;

  • Interviewers and respondents must wear masks at all times;

  • Interviewers maintain social distancing (1.5m) at all times;

  • Interviewers use hand sanitiser before each interview and also require respondents to apply sanitiser if they elect to self-complete any surveys using our iPad;

  • iPads may be sanitised before each interview; and

  • the COVIDsafe app to be installed on each iPad to support contact tracing.

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