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Fieldwork Services

Utilising today’s most advanced technology, Milicante Consulting’s approach to data collection is always customised to best maximise response rates. For all your data collection needs, Milicante Consulting will advise you of an appropriate sampling design, associated sample size requirements and precision levels, as well as the most suitable data collection method.

Face-to-face Intercept Interviews

Specialising in face-to-face intercept interviews, Milicante Consulting has 50+ intercept interviewer staff members conducting face-to-face fieldwork across Australia. We have conducted face-to-face fieldwork at major events across Australia (e.g. The Rip Curl Pro, Australian International Motor Show, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Museum, Her Majesty's Theatre, the MCG, etc.). We also conduct street interviews, retail interviews and community consultation interviews. (...more)

Online Surveys

Having scripted and hosted hundreds of online surveys, Milicante Consulting works with our client to transform ideas into online questionnaires. We host and script simple to complex online surveys, providing clients with actionable data and large and robust sample sizes (...more)

CATI (Telephone)

Working with our preferred partners, we offer Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) to reach respondents (...more)

iPad Hire

Milicante Consulting has a large fleet of iPads for hire. We can script surveys and host them on the iPads for clients and other researchers to use to collect data directly. These are ideal for events, in-depth interviews, structured interviews, etc. (...more)

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